American Dream

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American Dream marijuana strain is an Indica dominant hybrid. Her buds resemble the fall forest: the colours range from medium to dark green, covered with numerous trichomes and orange-red hairs. American Dream cannabis plants grow heavy yields and take only 45-50 days to flower. This marijuana will provide full body relaxation and pain management without dreadful couch lock and sedation. American Dream cannabis is good for daytime medicinal and recreational use.

Type of High
American Dream marijuana induces long lasting, relaxing body buzz without couch lock. Uplifts mood, alleviates depression. Relaxes the body, relieves stress, helps with pain and muscle spasms, stimulates appetite.

American Dream cannabis strain is a four-way cross between Afghanistan Indica, Skunk 1, Jamaican Sativa and Hawaiian Sativa.

Indica / Sativa Ratio

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 Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 12% – 18%

Sensi Seeds created American Dream not only because of the analogy between growing cannabis and the flowering of the dreams of America’s forefathers but also because of a comment made by one of the strain’s developers. The comment was toward breeders who work with specific plants over long periods of time and who hope each generation would be more successful than the previous one. Sensi Seeds believed they achieved this ideal by mixing the genetics of an Afghanistan Indica, Skunk #1, a Jamaican Sativa, and a Hawaiian Sativa. American Dream is Indica dominant but provides a subtle cerebral effect with a calming body high. Because it is not overpowering, American Dream is useful for daytime pain relief.

While capable of growing in sub-tropical climate outdoors, American Dream is most often grown indoors or in a greenhouse. Thanks to a large central cola and modest lateral branching, it is ideal for the Sea of Green method. Sensi Star says this strain needs 40 to 45 days to finish flowering. Once it does, the third reason behind the strain’s name becomes obvious. When in full bloom, the strain is a perfect representation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

THC levels average at 13% with some crops reaping in at 18%. Its high is known to create a relaxing andeuphoric feeling in the consumer, both in body and mind. Because of its mild effects, it’s a great choicefor novice consumers and can be used throughout the day. Reviewers note this strain’s ability to helpwith pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, and insomnia.

Negative side-effects beyond dry mouth and eyes are rare, though, note many strains can causeparanoia or anxiety when consuming above tolerance levels.

It takes only about six weeks for American Dream to fully flower for reaping, being a great candidate forthe sea-of- green method.

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