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At maturity, the plants to begin to use less water, the deep green leaves start to yellow, and the buds develop red-brown pistils. Trichomes form a thick carpet on the leaves and buds. They do not at all need to be milky to be harvest ready. Though predominantly indica, the open plant structure and the low leaf ration makes Anesthesia easy to trim. The Herijuana-dominant phenotypes finish first and are also the most compact and most resinous. A separate mixed phenotype finishes a little slower and has the best combination of dark musky taste and potency. Don’t let the modest size of the colas mislead you – their dense chunkiness means they weigh in heavy and explode in the grinder. Since these plants have a tight bud structure, it is best to avoid high humidity during the last weeks of flowering.

Anesthesia is named for the narcotic, body stone that its smoke induces. By definition, “anesthesia” is a state in which awareness of pain or discomfort in the body is reduced, and relaxing or sedative effect is created. The Anesthesia variety causes a deep physical mellowing that slowly works through one’s limbs like a warm blanket, while allowing the mind to stay engaged. As a medicinal strength strain, it may be too potent to be enjoyable for beginners or casual recreational smokers. However, patients who rely on indica body effects but want to stay mentally alert will enjoy the balance of these qualities. The old school taste is earthy and dark, with a hint of coffee tones that will appeal to fans of deep hashy flavors.

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Buy Anesthesia Strain Online

Buy Anesthesia Strain Online. Sleeping is like meditation – it’s good to rest the body but also to shut the mind down for a bit.  Anesthesia is a highly sedative strain aimed at alleviating pain and sending its user off to dreamland. By crossing Afghan Skunk with Herojuana, breeder Whazzup created the Anesthesia, a Breeder’s Choice award-winning strain, as a way of keeping the Afghani Skunk genetics going for as long as possible. And aren’t you glad they did?  Anesthesia

About Anesthesia

This indica-dominant hybrid is designed entirely to override the moderate THC levels, typically around 19%, and give you a high that is sure to knock you off your feet with very little effort on your part. The buds are dense and leafy with musky earth tones and flavors indicative of its Afghan heritage. The crystals of this flower give it a glossy shine, complimenting its intense effects and flavors.

The high, as you might expect, is fast acting and booming with sedative-like properties. As a recreational bud, you might use this at the end of a long day to ease up your woes and get you ready for bed. Anesthesia is hunger-inducing, so be sure to get creative in the kitchen while you’re still able to stand and utilize the euphoria and bliss the strain offers. The Sandman awaits and after a short run, your achy feet will relax and your body will melt into your bed or couch.

Calling a strain Anesthesia might be a dead giveaway as to what effects you can expect, but in case anyone is unsure, this bud is perfect for pain. Let it relax your muscles and ease up your cramps, chronic pain, muscle tension, and headaches. If you suffer from insomnia, this is a great plant to try out. For a lack of appetite and relief from chronic nausea, try this strain in smaller doses. Some negative side effects do include dizziness, paranoia, and cottonmouth.

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